The benefits of massage are greatest when you make it a regular part of your health and wellness routine.  






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Whether you're looking for relaxation, relief from chronic pain, or to maintain muscle and joint integrity for sports and recreation, massage therapy is a highly beneficial part of a health and wellness routine.


Regular massage sessions can help improve the symptoms of

     - Stress                                      - Arthritis

     - Anxiety                                    - Rotator cuff injuries

     - Insomnia                                 - Migraines

     - Chronic low back pain           - Fibromyalgia

                      ... and much more!


Massage therapy has also been shown to increase

     - Serotonin levels (produces feelings of happiness and well-being)

     - Immune function (the body's natural defense system)

     - Range of motion

     - Flexibility

     - Muscle tone

     - Post-surgical / postpartum rate of recovery


Schedule an appointment today, and start getting the results you want, and the relief you need, from the very first visit.  Call (847) 436-9713, or book an appointment online through this website. 

Your body will thank you!



Click for a brief article from the Mayo Clinic on the health benefits, cautions and what to expect from massage therapy.


Click for a brief article from the The Wall Street Journal on the medical benefits of massage therapy.



Mission Statement

Through study, training and practice I will increase my understanding of the power of touch in connecting the body, mind and spirit.

I will use this knowledge to relieve pain, promote healing, and bring peace and serenity to others as a practicing massage therapist.

With experience, I will gain insight; my insight combined with knowledge will become wisdom, which I will share with others as they begin their journey.

- Michael D. Daish, 2010



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